Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Judge Silberman - Award and a Speech

Please join the Georgetown Federalist Society for an evening with Judge Laurence Silberman (DC Circuit) and Prof. Viet Dinh. The occasion is our 3rd Annual Lifetime Service Award, which will be presented to Judge Silberman next Wednesday, Mar. 29 at 6:45 pm in Hart Auditorium.

Judge Silberman will speak about restructuring the FBI, an issue he is quite familiar with because he co-chaired the WMD Commission which made the recommendation he will be discussing. Afterwards, there will be a catered reception (including wine and non-alcoholic beverages) with the judge. Area attorneys and the judge’s former clerks have been invited as well.

Judge Silberman has had an extraordinarily wide-ranging career – from serving in the Labor Dep’t, then the Justice Dep’t, to being U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia, to serving as a bank executive, to teaching administrative law for 20 years, to (of course) his almost 21 years on the DC Circuit. He is an unexpectedly gracious professor who brings a wealth of context to the classes he teaches – and keeps students entertained in the process.

Both the Judge and Prof. Dinh are engaging, even witty, speakers and I can assure you that attending is well worth your time.

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D said...

I was disappointed to miss this event due to a class conflict (law school class, that is). I was lucky to take both Administrative Law and Labor Law with Judge Silberman. He was one of my favorite law school professors.

-Dave Lane