Monday, April 18, 2005

Social Security Calculator

Heritage has an interesting social security calculator up that you should check out. Just put in your expected salary and see how much social security will steal from you every month- its truely scary!


Charles Iragui said...


The president must make a proposal sooner or later: I have heard that within a week we should be getting it. Prepare for a battle of such calculators. Here's what I'll be looking for, in some form: 1) a reduction in promised benefits, 2) a diversification away from pure gov insurance to include individual intelligence, 3) some form of new financing, whether taxes or debt.

But this is just practical. I agree with your constant call for principle; the prez should not only fix the problem but inspire the people with the justice of this proposal: insurance where needed, bias in favor of freedom, and grounding in courageous prudence, the prudence which defies sweet profligacy.



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