Monday, October 31, 2005

Welcome to the Lions' Den, J. Alito!

This is the kind of POLITICAL argument that must have argued in favor of Alito.

Could McConnell have been passed over because of Bush v Gore?


Charles Iragui said...

PS: WSJ quotes Rove?

"Republican officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to preview Mr. Bush's remarks, said Judge Alito was virtually certain to get the nod from the moment Ms. Miers backed out. The 55-year-old jurist was Mr. Bush's favorite choice of the judges in the last set of deliberations but he settled instead on someone outside what he calls the "judicial monastery," the officials said."

J. Li said...
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J. Li said...

All is forgiven, Mr. President.

Scott said...

ConfirmThem reports he's a memeber of the Federalist Society.

D said...

The article you linked to says "Governor Casey believed that a husband is entitled to know if his child is going to be aborted."

Maybe so, maybe not, but Governor Casey makes the same logical error that I've seen in the press often (particularly from folks on the right) since Bush nominated Alito.

Spousal notification does not equal potential father notification. Once one realizes that the spouse is not always the potential father it is clear that a spousal notification provision is a throwback to the 'women as their husband's chattel' legal era.

Spousal notification is an undue burden just as it would be an undue burden to require that a man's wife be notified before his girlfriend gets an abortion.

-Dave Lane

Charles Iragui said...


Interesting point.

My linking had nothing to do with the substance but rather was to draw attention to the political sell: Casey is up against Santorum in a high profile race; this will complicate Dem attacks on Alito.