Saturday, November 19, 2005

Law Students Against Alito

I was reading this story about law students gearing up for "the upcoming hearings on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito" It notes that many are "founding Law Students Against Alito chapters on their campuses." Now I have heard of single issue clubs before, but this is just silly. You would think that those opposed to Alito could organize directly through ACS (Constitution, not Cancer), Law Democrats, or one of the other leftist/socialist student organizations on campus. Maybe a new club allows these people to suck even more student money for their causes. Maybe I should start up a Law Students for Demeaning Hitlery Clinton. At least that club would have a shelf life of greater than 6 months.


D said...

The ACS and Law Democrats are "leftist/socialist" organizations? That's almost as funny as the post where you advocated goat sex.

-Dave Lane

Charles Iragui said...


Dave's got a point...

Thanks for the chuckles.


PS: It seems that Alito is, like Roberts, a True Believer in The Law. The fear that he'll use his position on the court to agressively break with precedent or insinuate an agenda seem misplaced. He probably is even less sympathetic to broad readings of text and innovative legal doctrines than Roberts, but does it seem likely that he'll be as open as Thomas is to upsetting precedent or staking inflexible textual positions? So why form a group to oppose him?

My bet: the lib groups will in the end, again, shepherd their resources for THE NEXT ONE. Stevens, to be replaced by Janice Rogers Brown. Now that's a fight. I predict we'll see just that after the elections in November.