Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Call For Submissions to the Yale Law & Policy Review Symposium On Net Neutrality.

Special Announcement From Friends at Yale:
The Yale Law & Policy Review has launched Inter Alia, an online companion to the print version of YLPR. The purpose of this site is to serve as a cutting-edge forum for shorter, more informal legal scholarship at the intersection of law and policy that can be published more quickly than in our traditional format as well as a repository for current information on the issues that YLPR highlights in its pages.
We invite you to submit pieces for our latest Symposium, on the topic of Network Neutrality.
As an expert/legislator/litigator deeply involved in the issue, you can offer readers a unique perspective on this emerging field. We hope you'll publish your thoughts with the Yale Law & Policy Review. 
Submissions must be no longer than 3000 words, including footnotes. There is also an opportunity to publish shorter, more op-ed style pieces. The editorial staff prefers manuscripts reflecting a more conversational tone and addressing subjects containing even clearer implications for policy than articles and essays that appear in the print volumes. Citation frequency will be less emphasized than in the print version of YLPR, but the rules from The Bluebook (18th ed.) still will apply. All questions about submission procedures and topical guidelines should be sent to
The Inter Alia editors will begin accepting manuscripts for consideration on February 1, 2010. All submissions should be sent to Editor-in-Chief Julia Lisztwan at No manuscripts sent via ExpressO will be considered. Please ensure that the subject line of the e-mail reads: [Author Last Name]: Inter Alia Submission. Inter Alia accepts submissions from any individual regardless of student status or institutional affiliation. The editorial staff looks forward to reviewing all submissions.

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