Friday, May 13, 2005

Events in Canada...

We should really be paying attention to the events going on right now in Canada. I do not really know very much about this, but it appears that Conservatives have a chance to take over with the help of the Bloc Quebecois. Captain's Quarters posted this a while ago about the liberals problems. The liberal government is ignoring a non-confidence vote (apparently it was not a technical non-confidence vote) and is putting off a real non-confidence vote till after Thursday (apparently two of the conservative MPs are having health problems.)

Ok, now here is my purely uninformed speculation. This is probably very unlikely, but here I go. If the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois are able to bring down the liberal government, then there seems like there would be a realistic possibility of Quebec getting independence from Canada. This break up of Canada might lead to other parts of Canada (like for instance British Columbia) feeling like they might as well go it alone. This break up might make some Canadian providence decided that they ought to just become States of the United States. This is probably wishful thinking on my part as I want a united North America under the US flag (with the exception of Quebec of course), but this might be a start to my Manifest Destiny dreams.

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