Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Was Wisconsin Stolen From Bush in 2004?

Powerline asks just this question and links to this article. No proof that it would actually change the result in Wisconsin, but it is something that all non-socialists should remember whenever one of the brain dead liberal radicals at GULC (a large number of them professors here) start going on about voter fraud in Florida in 2000. The worst instance is when professors go on about how it is worse to deny one person a vote than to mistakenly allowing others to illegally vote multiple times (the thumb on the scales to allow easy voting). These fools should know that without a secure vote that democracy will break down.

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Charles Iragui said...

On a similar note, I have never been more disappointed by Chris Hitchens than this VF article:

It seems reasonable to focus scrutiny of results on two situations: close outcomes (cheating may have made the difference: Wisconsin); and important races (such as Ohio).

The Ohio race was not close enough for skulduggery to have decided it, but some appraisal's worthwhile. The problem was the immediate overlay of the Florida 2000 paradigm. That smelled.