Monday, January 23, 2006

What is a feminist?

This probably will not change views, as Roe hits 33, but establishing facts is crucial to clear thinking.

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Sarah Kohrs said...

Couldn't help but throw my two cents in on this one. I cannot think of any issue which has stifled women's voices more thoroughly and effectively than the issue of abortion. Women are told that to feel remorse is unwomanly; to acknowledge the separate life growing within themselves as such, unnatural. True depression and grief is the all-to-real outcome for women that believe abortion offers them a real solution to the problem of an unwanted pregnancy. And if these women speak up, they are disparaged by their sister feminists as anti-choice and anti-woman. A deep silence ensues. We do not allow our women to cry. Perhaps the most horrendous example of our glib pretnsion in the face of the silence is what took place in front of the GULC chapel today. While many women went home from the clinics today with a new emptiness they'd never previously experienced and may never be able to fill, we law students were toasting the occasion with a birthday cake for Roe. How ironic that he gets one when, because of him, so many millions never will. And it's not anti-woman to cry over the fact.